New, new site

I got tired of the original site based on minima theme (yeah, I got tired real quick, sometimes), so I decided to modify a quite nice and clean template that I found which is called Tale. But I added some features that I had in the old one, changed some tiny details and I am sure I will be changing more in the future.

I wanted to change and give posts more protagonism, so I decided to land in the post section and then, if someone is interested on my resume, they can just navitage to about.

At this point I don’t know if anyone reads me or I am just writing to me, but, that works either. I might add some categories to not just write about technology, I will meditate about that.


I found this cool codepen for the scroll thingy on the right of the page, I adapted it a bit but not much, credit:

Also I added header shrink on scroll to reduce header ocupation on top of the page.

Edit 2:

I also added Simple Jekyll Search, to the site. Credit: