My name is Emilio and I run on System Administrator’s kernel. But during the last 12 years I have been adding several layers on top and these days I perform as a so-called DevOps engineer.

I started back when we still had to administer our own metal , I used to go visit these places called datacenters and handle my own network both phisical and virtual, hardware and stuff; while also providing eficient and automated solutions to the people who payed me for keeping things in place. But we started to hear about this thing called DevOps, which back then was a paradigm rather than a job title, and I started to embrace it.

I was quite lazy so I tended to automate all things , I have always been interested in tools that helped that purpouse, since the good old CFEngine times (which is still alive, by the way) to more modern and sofisticated tools. If the tool helps me not have to repeat a task, I most certainly have used it.

Then cloud started to be something real, even though people was a bit not so sure about having things on other people’s computers. But that started to fade away and soon we all jumped to it. No more broken hard disks, no more RAID issues, just pure config written in code. Modern times .

I have worked for several companies doing what I like the most: Idealista , Stubhub (when it was cool eBay) or BBVA Bank technology division . I am currently working as Senior DevOps Engineer at Clarivate Analytics , focused on platform automation. And right now I am very deep into Kubernetes automation, so you might read a couple post about that on my blog.

I am a full remote engineer , and I really embrace remote work and it’s benefits both for the employer and the employee.

And I have two cats and a dog:

Cats Dog

If you are interested on my skills and experience, you may contact with me, we can be buds on Linkedin and chat a bit about it.